orthographic and design

Orthographic charts and other technical studies are both an artistic focus and personal interest as a skill. When approaching creature and character design, I explore theoretical biomechanics built off of practical knowledge. I use ongoing personal projects as a means to allow me consistently develop and hone my skill set; some excerpts of which are featured below alongside client-driven projects, designs, and explorations.



Above: Character design and technical art for a 2D brawler featuring anthropomorphic characters. Art direction by CJ Canon.

Below: Experimental character designs created in 2015; done in the spirit of Beetlejuice, Coolworld, and Doug Tenapel's Earthworm Jim.

“I.O.”, a personal design project, is an exercise in visualising vastness and variety. Hell stretches for light years in every direction, and every mile is populated by creatures and cultures shaped by a desire to survive and serve a landscape that chews and grinds everything that walks upon it.

Fan Works

As a long-time gamer, reader of comics, and consumer of Saturday-morning cartoons, many IPs have had a lasting impression on me as an artist. Revisiting and reinterpreting an IP and its characters through a different artistic lens, or just indulging in it as a whole, is a recurring pastime between client projects and other works. These mini-projects are generally approached with an interest in application of general real-world science to fantastical concepts, ideas of species and cultural variation, and the exploration of theoretical in-setting biology and ecology.

As an industrial Pokemon, Magmar are a "manufactured" genus, engineered and guided by eugenics to fulfill a specific purpose within a working pipeline. Magmar are common in smelting and manufacturing operations, where they work in high-heat and potentially toxic conditions in tandem with machinery. Like their industrial cousins, Electabuzz and Conkeldurr, they are believed to possess human-like intelligence. Magmar populations are carefully controlled by Silph Co. and are as a genus barred from casual ownership by trainers and collectors. The species is notorious for its propensity to drastically alter its environment to suit itself if able, setting fire to vegetation and buildings to raise the ambient temperature to better align with its comforts.

Adult Exeggutor are producers, with some species also falling within the consumer population. Other consumer Pokemon species feed upon and rely on them to maintain and sustain their ecosystems. Exeggutor provide shelter, nutrients, as well as food and access to prey to other species. The presence of Exeggutor often denotes and / or produces a very healthy, diverse, and stable ecosystem. In some cases, the Pokemon itself is an ecosystem. Areas populated by the species are often untouched by human hands due in part by the Pokemon's special ability, "Hypnosis", which permits the Pokemon to ward away invaders. Intruders who venture into their ranges are quickly hypnotised and sent back to whence they came or, in cases of encounters with carnivorous Exeggutor, eaten.