Extra-Vertebrae’s General Commissions

Custom art from my work station to you! These are casual digital commissions, made to order.


Changes / Edits / WIPs: No WIPs will be provided for sketch commissions. Once a commission is complete, only small edits or changes will be made. Mistakes made through artist error will be fixed free of charge (within reason). Sizeable changes requested by the client may incur a surcharge for the extra time spent.

References: Please do not send an image gallery as a reference. If sending a gallery link is unavoidable, please clearly identify relevant images to prevent artist error. If errors are made due to insufficient clarification of important character features, edits and changes will be charged for time spent. Please make sure your references are clear! Please do not assume that I can read your reference material the same way you can, this is especially important with references that only show one side of your character!

Payments and Refunds: Payment is taken up-front via Paypal invoice. Payment remains in my Paypal until work is completed. A refund can be requested at any time prior to commission completion. A full refund will be given only if work has not been started; a refund will otherwise be measured in proportion to the work already done (eg: if a refund is requested on a commission that is 50% complete, a 50% refund will be given along with current-progress images / files). A refund will not be given once a commission has been completed.

Image Rights: Casual commissions are for personal, non-commercial use only. Clients are free to alter the work produced to make icons, headers, and etc. for personal, non-commercial use only. Clients must be aware that they are purchasing a service and not a product, and that the commercial and associated rights of the produced image(s) are not transferred to them upon delivery of the commission(s) ordered. If a client wishes to purchase such rights for commercial use of the commissioned image(s) they must contact me to discuss associated fees.

Communication: Clients are welcome to email me for updates on their commission or status of their place in the current queue at any time! Please wait three business days for a response before sending a follow-up email to allow for any potential circumstances that might prevent me from responding right away! Please note: Paypal Invoices are always accompanied by confirmation emails! If you see one but not the other, or do not see either after three business days have passed from the submittal of your form, please be sure to check your Spam folder!

Work Cancellation and Refusal: I reserve the right to cancel or refuse a commission at any time for any reason. If a commission is cancelled in the midst of work due to personal reasons on behalf of the artist, a full refund will be given, but no in-progress images will be provided. If a client wishes to have the in-progress images, the above partial-refund system will apply. If a commission is cancelled due to harassment of the artist on behalf of the client (excessive emails, threats, unwanted advancements, etc.), a partial refund proportionate to the work uncompleted will be given and in-progress files / images provided. Clients will be notified ahead of time in the event of a cancellation.


Digital sketch commissions given a flat fill or a dash of colour. **Creature / character reinterpretation is design work, please use the Creature / Character Design form!

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Sketch sheets

Digital sketch commissions done in sketch sheet style!

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Anatomical sketch studies

Sketch commissions that are focused on deconstructing and interpreting the anatomy of the subject.


Custom Creature / Character Design, Reinterpretations, and hybrid adoptables

Custom designs, just for you! Full customs begin at $100 - $300 USD. Animal hybrid adoptables are a flat $100 USD.

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EROTIC & adult sketches

Spicy art for spicy people!


Art on a budget & special orders

Commissions taken on a budget. Special orders that don’t quite fit the mold of the above forms can also be placed here!

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