Extra-Vertebrae’s General Commissions

Custom art from my work station to you! These are casual digital commissions, made to order.

Please take a moment to read my TERMS OF SERVICE AND F.A.Q.

If you are looking to hire me for professional project work, please contact me directly via the email listed above! This form is for casual, non-project business inquiries.

All commission rates begin at $100 USD and move upwards from there. If your budget does not accommodate the starting rate, that is fine! Depending on the budget, the work can still be done, but the work produced will be restricted to reflect the given budget. Payment plans are available upon request. Please fill out the form below as completely as possible! While a starting rate is provided, a budget is still requested as the provided rates are starting rates for most job types. How complex a design is to work with and the scope size of a requested job affect the amount of time needed to complete that job, which will in turn affect the rate.


One-shot custom design (“Adoptables”, etc.): Single designs built from a provided prompt of any length. Adoptables are made and given without stages of client feedback and are a flat $150 USD. Non-Adoptable one-shot designs can be done with or without client feedback stages and begin at $150+ USD.

Vis-Dev: Visual development work that explores a design or multiple designs per client direction. Vis-dev work encompasses a wide variety subjects, including prop, creature, character, weapon, item design, colour palettes, and more! Vis-dev work begins at $100 USD and is style-flexible.

Orthographic and / or chart sheets: Also known as “reference sheets”. Orthographic sheets are made to show as much of a character, creature, or object from as many angles as possible. Chart sheets are similar but often only show a collection of characters, creatures, or objects from one angle to show differences in physical size. Sheets are variable and are made-to-order per client needs. Depending on the amount of work required, style, and sheet size, rates range very heavily. Sheets can range anywhere from $150 USD - $600 USD and upwards.

Other orders / Have something else in mind?: If what you are looking for is not listed above, please choose the “Other” field in the “commission type” drop-down in the below order form! Please describe what you would like in as much detail as possible along with your budget and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Like the above items, please assume that the starting rate for any custom “other” orders begin at $100 USD.

How you would like to be addressed!
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USD only. What you are able to put towards your commission order. This will help me discern whether your order is possible within your budget, and tell you what you can expect for your commission.
Please describe your desired commission. Please include any and all relevant reference links in the below space. Please be as descriptive as possible!
If there is anything else you'd like me to know about your order, or have any questions to ask, this is the place to let me know!