Custom Design & reinterpretation

These commissions are custom designs, made to order! Designs can be wholly original or a spin-off of an existing character or creature. Giving a preexisting personal character a special treatment (such as turning them into a monster) is a popular request. Custom design orders can be fulfilled with or without client feedback steps. Styles are flexible.

How you would like to be addressed!
Your email / preferred contact address so I can confirm your order!
Where I can send your invoice once your order has been confirmed!
If this design is a Pokemon reinterpretation, please name the Pokemon or link your Fakemon below. Please note that "Arceus" will not be accepted as a subject. Please type "No" if your design is not a Pokemon.
Please tell me about what you want your design to be! Please include any references you feel are relevant. Be as specific or vague as you like! If your subject is a Pokemon or Fakemon, you can leave this field blank ("n/a") if you would like me to reinterpret the Pokemon in the same vein as other Pokemon in my personal project series.
If there is anything else you'd like me to know about your order, or have any questions to ask, this is the place to let me know!

Rates, limitations, do’s & dont’s, etc.

Design commissions have a heavily variable rate depending on what is requested. Rates can be flexible and delivery methods differ. For estimation purposes please refer to the following:


  • Begin at $100 USD

  • Given a grey fill by default, can be given flat colour for an additional fee

  • Can be given skeletal and muscle study layers for an additional fee

  • Do not have a WiP or feedback stage (non-negotiable, edits & revisions not accepted)


  • Begin at $300 USD

  • Given full colour by default

  • Can be given skeletal and muscle study layers for an additional fee

  • Do come with WiP or feedback stages

  • Surcharges apply after 5 edits or 3 revisions

Ownership? A custom design made for you is yours to keep! Bear in mind that the design will belong to you, but the art produced from this commission order will not. Produced image(s) will still belong to me as rights holder. You may use the produced image(s) to create icons and banner for personal use, but may not use the produced image(s) for any commercial gain.

Can I change a design myself later? Absolutely!

Is fan-art okay? You bet! Reinterpreting Pokemon (and Fakemon) is amongst the most popular design requests I receive.

What are “refinement levels”? This is whether you would like your design to be left as a sketch or refined to look more tight. This is what sketch versus refined looks like:


Hey! I used to be able to get a reinterpretation for the price of a regular sketch commission! Yes, character reinterpretations used to go for the standard sketch rate! This was changed because the amount of work that was invested in these pieces was vastly over the asking price of a standard sketch.