erotic Sketch Commissions

These commission are full-body digital sketches focused around erotic or explicit themes that can be coloured or uncoloured. Styles are flexible but generally tend to realism. Subjects can be solo, paired, or in a group.

Please note: The offering of erotic commissions is not an invitation for inappropriate correspondence, solicitation, or harassment. Please be respectful!

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How you would like to be addressed!
Your email / preferred contact address so I can confirm your order!
Where I can send your invoice once your order has been confirmed!
Please let me know the preferred pose, action, clothing set, pattern, form, etc. for your commission!
If there is anything else you'd like me to know about your order, or have any questions to ask, this is the place to let me know!

Rates, limitations, do’s & dont’s, etc.

These commissions have a base rate of $60 USD per figure. The rate can grow to accommodate character design and interaction complexity in special cases. Final rates will be discussed before an invoice is sent out.


When commissioning personal characters, all characters involved must belong to you, the customer. If someone else’s character is involved, that individual’s permission must be given to me by them. This applies in all cases, including gifts, and is non-negotiable.


Fan art is fine! However, an additional restriction will apply: if the base style of the characters does not pass the “fool in a hurry” test (whether the character can be immediately identified as an adult), the commission will be rejected.


If you’d like to play to personal preference I generally prefer erotica over straight porn. Couples having fun / generally enjoying themselves (as opposed to stereotypical “o” faces) are subjects I have the most fun with. Fetish-wise I prefer / have the most fun with restraint, bondage and / or rope art. I am happy to run with other fetishes (ex: transformation, vore), however I may have more difficulty with some over others (ex: non-con - I have no issue with non-con, but this can change depending on context / what else is happening in the image)! Please feel free to ask! No judgements will be made on any requests.


  • Minors / minor-appearing characters

  • Bestiality

  • Scat / golden showers

  • Inflation

  • Feeding / weight gain

  • Necrophilia (does not apply to undead characters)

  • Anal / vaginal spreading / gaping

  • Real people