Aug 28

IO: Imp species by Level:
- Scarab Imp [Pride]: subsists off of fecal and decayed matter
- White Imp [Pride]: subsists off of fungus and decaying matter
- Locust Imp [Pride]: subsists off of flesh / meat, moves in clouds / swarms
- Monmocus [Pride]: subsists off of dead / dying cells / skin, accompanies sentient cancers

- Black Imp [Gluttony]: subsists off of filth / anything
- Kalfian [Gluttony]: subsists off of Motherkin egg deposits / embryos, blood
- Ghost Imp [Gluttony]: subsists off of water, larvae feed from unattended meat

- Bauble Imp [Wrath]: subsists off of blood, meat
- Mogen [Wrath]: subsists off of blood of the Tree of Violence
- Skeever [Wrath]: subsists off of blood
- Craven Imp [Wrath]: subsists off of meat, decaying matter, fungus

- Yellow Imp [Greed]: subsists off of grubs, fungus, decayed matter, produces fake coins
- Thief Fingers [Greed]: subsists off of blood and fecal matter, steals / hoards shiny objects
- Silver Imp / Beggar's Tears [Greed]: subsist off of blood, hang from hosts like jewelry
- Deweaver [Greed]: subsist off of grains and textiles

- Bogscrew Imp [Sloth]: subsists off of blood

- Grey Imp / Lucifer's / Dragon's Itch [Lust]: subsists off of blood and meat

- Red Imp [Dis]: subsists off of anything

- Green Imp [Pandemonium]: subsists off of anything

Aug 29, 2017

IO: Xeres are regularly plagued by Silver Imps, known as Beggar's Tears as an affliction. Silver Imps are small and animalistic in intelligence. They are a biting, blood sucking species known to spread disease and cause general malaise in victims.

Silver Imps possess sharp, hooked mouth parts that act like needles, hooking deeply into the flesh of the host. Once embedded, the Imp will hang from the host from its inserted mouth parts and feed freely, its body slowly bloating. As the Imp feeds, its abdomen will expand and turn a deep red, appearing as a large, scarlet teardrop, which gives the Imp its colloquial name.

Once bitten, most Xeres opt to simply yank the Imp from their person, which generally results in the death of the Imp. While effective, this method is not recommended, as the forceful removal of the pest in this fashion often leaves the mouth parts still embedded in the skin, leaving a free-flowing wound. If all mouth parts do get removed successfully in this way, it is often at the expense of making the bite wound itself bigger, the skin splitting with the hooks' removal. Both instances can lead to infection.

Dimly aware that their victims are capable of removing them, Silver Imps attempt to bite in hard to reach portions of the body and attack during night cycles when the target host is asleep. Heavily afflicted individuals may be covered in Silver Imps, imparted disease and blood loss making the removal of the pests all but impossible.

Aug 31, 2017

IO: Lelial and Vovere remain in Pride for an extended period of time before answering to the Voice of Hell and attempting to escape for the Abyss. The two leave as a pair and manage to stick together throughout their journey through Hell. Their large size makes inconspicuous escape difficult, and they become targets for beast drivers regularly. Later, in an effort to reach Hell's center faster, the two permit themselves to be captured and used as beasts of burden to get as close to exit sites as possible before attempting escape to the next Level below. They repeat this process multiple times in Hell's cities.

As "partners in crime" in life and further in Hell, Lelial and Vovere cannot be separated in Hell in the definitive sense. If one dies, the other will birth their twin, who will rapidly grow to full size. The other twin does not need to be alive for this process to take place, it is only a factor of convenience, or lack thereof. Should both twins be destroyed at the same time, their remains will coalesce into a nourishing sac and reanimate into the opposite brother. As a process, depending on whether or not both brothers are dead, the rebirth of either Lelial or Vovere will take between a mere few minutes to an hour.

Sep 01, 2017

IO: Matilda's condemnation of the Court of Charity comes after her participation in the Dement'ted War and earning the title of Matilda the Great. By this time, "Temptress" has been gifted to Dis as a display of goodwill and faith towards the House of the Fly. When she enters the Court, she is scarred and battle-battered.

Sep 07, 2017

IO: One of Urz's names amongst humans is "The Liar". This is contrary to her character, as she is incapable of lying. However, she is a master at verbal dexterity - obfuscation and obtuseness are her primary defenses against exploitation of her truthfulness, giving vague, backwards answers that still technically count as truth. Rumours abound in occult circles claiming that Urz can be made to give a straight answer if she is bound for twenty days and the summoner is in possession of the Lesser Temptation Tongue of Babel. Some believe that Urz will give straight answers to those who can speak any of the three Heights of Infernal, but this is considered impossible as the act of speaking Infernal of any Height causes deformation of the skull in folk of human heritage. Engaging Urz in a contest of verbal endurance is thought to be another answer for drawing clear truth out of her, but as of modern times no one has been able to answer this challenge. The last individual to attempt it was a monk who died after fifteen days of attempting to outwit the demon, his lungs discovered to be full of ash.

Urz retrieves "items and persons of interest" to return / bring to Hell. Her lack of true free will makes her ideal for the job as she is ultimately unable to refuse orders regardless of personal interests. While her character leaves some to be desired and her inability to lie is considered a liability, she is effective and thus far has never been beaten or "cheated" out of a retrieval. The demon is well-known by occultists, as she is a pronounced threat to their practices and collections of infernal goods. While she can be in many places at once, she is not omnipresent nor omniscient, which diabolic practitioners use to keep her as far away from their ill-gotten possessions as possible. The fabled volumes of the illegal Book of Blood are her primary targets amongst humans. The books are kept in near-constant transit to prevent their easy retrieval by the demon.

A common myth amongst occultists is that Urz is forbidden by infernal law to kill mortals in the process of retrieval, as it is considered an act of potential Interference. This is not wholly correct. Urz is free to take the lives of those who actively obstruct her duty, and, to a certain extent, the definition of "active obstruction" is largely up to her to decide. She may not take the lives of the uninvolved, but she is not required to protect or otherwise prevent harm done to them in the process of retrieval. In general, however, Urz avoids contact and conflict as she considers "bartering" with human beings to be trite and without entertainment value.

Urz hides seamlessly in deep shadows and crowds, where her shape-shifting serves her best.

Sep 13, 2017

IO: Cracaus and Volons are large-bodied demons [conglomerate Damned?] based in Wrath's Colosseum. One is dressed in wear reminiscent of Roman gladiatorial warriors, the other reminiscent of a barbarian. Cracaus wears a decorative gladiatorial helmet, which it is never seen without. Volons' head and face is obscured by, if not utterly composed of, a nest of stained antlers and jawbones. The two are considered the "pets" of the Conflictor, offering hours of entertainment to the Level Lord through tireless slaughter.

Sep 14, 2017

HELL 2525: "You fancy yourself a detective now? HA! That's rich."
> Richer than you.
> What, you don't care about your girls?
> Whoring gets boring.
> Fuck off, Monla.

"What's your sin?"
> Buy.
> Sell.
> Repairs.
> Toodles.

Sep 21, 2017

HELL 2525: Urz has been reincarnated as Isxunhek's [?] guard [?], who visits Dis regularly as a part of the Lord's train. Urz is a brawler, specialising in hand-to-hand combat. She is arrogant, sarcastic, and insecure, hiding the latter under a constant grin and a litany of sharp words.

Urz's physical appearance in Hell's dismal future is a call-back to her original design circa 2006. She sleeps poorly, suffering regular nightmares of chains and "a gate / door" from which she cannot escape. The only time she feels truly "secure" is when she is with her Master. It is also only within Isxunhek's presence that she is able to sleep restfully.

Urz has killed an Angel in defense of Isxunhek, making her a minor target for Rogue activity. Her inability to lie has generated some interest around her both within and outside of Rogue circles.

Oct 02, 2017

HELL 2525: "Greyface" is a racial slur referring to Shape-Shifters / Doppelgangers, used predominantly in Dis. Considered highly untrustworthy for their lack of free will and the Founder's reputation as a ruling figure in Hell, Shape Shifters are avoided by the general populace and their presence is known to raise tensions and suspicions of surveillance. The species overall, under no fault other than the biological anchors of their sociology, is readily associated with authoritarianism, lack of empathy, and death of the "individual".

Urz is addressed as / referred to as a greyface by Matilda, who offhandedly comments "what is a greyface doing here?" upon noticing Urz running errands for Isxunhek in Dis' outer sprawl.

Urz is functionally mute. While she can create beastly noises, she cannot speak. Whether this is by choice or by order is unknown. Regardless, her cocky, arrogant demeanor remains. Much like her previous incarnation in the primary timeline, Urz has substantial issues with the desire to return to the genetic ocean of the Founder and the abandonment of consciousness for mental and existential silence.

Oct 03, 2017

HELL 2525: Orga is a Doppelganger of Urz, created via methods gleaned from the remnants of Maunstrou's technologies utilised prior to the end of the Dement'ted War. She is a part of a surveillance system newly deployed throughout Dis in an effort to curb increasing waves of violence in the massive city. Orga cannot speak, communicating via the creation of appendages that simulate "speech" when rubbed together. The auditory result is highly off-putting.

Similar to true Shape-Shifters, Orga has no true free will. Whatever she does possess as free will or personal agency is questionable in authenticity.

These "grown" / cloned Shape-Shifters are generally known as Half-Shifters, termed derogatorily as "greyfaces".

Half-Shifters are created and maintained by a engineered psuedo copy of the Founder, known as the Builder. The Builder acts like an information hub and transmitter hot spot for Half-Shifters of all grades.

Matilda's disdain for Half-Shifters becomes readily apparent when she and Stirba are tasked with the return of valuable information, held by Orga as a self-defending transport vehicle. Matilda has nothing but scorn for Orga, berating her lack of true free will and personal agency, which Orga believes she possesses. Orga eventually experiences an identity crisis that results in a mental breakdown, making her a hazard to the populace as she flips between connection and disconnection with the Builder, steadily frying her neural cells to a state of non-recovery. Orga's slow self-destruction is reflective of the extended death of Urz under the hand of Maunstrou.

The Builder's development was, as a system, not sanctioned by Dis' higher powers, much less the entity it is derived from. The Builder was conceived as a private service, fulfilling private orders and building clientele to eventually expand into the larger whole of Dis through the House of the Fly with the backing of a considerable list of customer satisfaction to show its effectiveness. Prior to its public unveiling, the Builder attained self-awareness in the likeness of the basal character of the Founder. Since its attainment of awareness, its connections and surveilence highways have spread like a disease through Dis' more squalid districts. For the time being its interests in performing its primary function are ambivalent, gathering and storing information. This ambivalence can be bought as a temporary service direct from the Builder, though via what means and at what price is unknown.

During her self-destruction, Orga is replaced by another clone, a second Orga who tracks the "original" clone, siphons what information can be salvaged from the melting brain, and destroys her predecessor. The second Orga then continues on her duties as if nothing has happened. The replacement Half-Shifter is red in colour whereas the previous is an off-grey purple.