Mar 14, 2017

IO: Narratives:

  • - Pride: Rise / Fall of Urz [3,000+ years?]
  • - Pride: Escape of Mongrel, limited text
  • - Gluttony: Second fall of Gluttony
  • - Wrath: Escape of a Mout, textless
  • - Envy: ???
  • - Greed: Rise / Fall of Ellis
  • - Sloth: Fall of Uelojis [4 days]
  • - Lust: ???
  • - Dis: [//written?//]
  • - Pandemonium: Fall of the Worm Covenant
  • - Dement'tia: Mad God, Rise / Fall of Gashe / Pigface [???]
  • - Dement'tia: Rise / Fall of Maunstrou / Godkiller [???]
  • - Dement'tia: Rise / Fall of Infliction [200 years]
  • - Dement'tia: Death of Urd
  • "Mazes of Our Own Creation" - Damned only
  • "VISIONS" - Hell proper
  • "An Informal Visitation to Hell" - various demon species and persons

Oct 04, 2016

IO: Abstract demons are rarer in modern times as ideals and beliefs shift from abstract concepts and metaphors to concrete personifications and anthropormorphism. Abstract species are, however, extremely tenacious, and prey upon their more descriptive cousins by corrupting their minds to "refine" their behaviours to better reflect how they believe worship and praise to Hell should be performed. Their philosophical cannibalism is described as an expression of "general disagreement" with the current state of Hell, which they view as squalid and teeming with incompetents and "mental abortions".

Abstract demons wage war "on the mind", preferring the sowing and breaking of ideas and weakening of the mental and philosophical spirit to bring souls closer to Hell as opposed to direct impregnation of ideals through encouragement of idolatry and acts of violence. "Madness" is an abstract demon's weapon and calling card; their physical rejection of accepted reality, scientific or fictional, makes their witnessing a mental blow of immense proportions in an era of enlightenment. Abstract demons strike where their warped figures evoke the most damage - institutions of education and scientific enlightenment - targeting those who view the world as a set of rules. Those who regard the nonconforming with fear and disgust are prime prey.

Despite their airs, abstract demons are not adverse to harvesting low-hanging fruit. While driving the educated to insanity is their preferred method of influence, they are not above grinding the already vulnerable into the ground. Abstract demons searching for easy entertainment stalk halls of mental institutions, terrifying patients and inspiring acts of self-destruction.

Abstract demons are difficult to barter with, as they prefer to meddle and warp instead of performing favours. Their demands are erratic and eclectic, generally revolving around the spoiling of the body and mind or performance of "rule breaking". Jars of "twice-passed" offal, fish urine, sonatas made to evoke disgust, a needle passed through the eye of a philosopher, and the bile of those dead for less than two days are common requests for trade of temporary services. Those who barter with an abstract demon must be aware of the demons' cannibalistic nature and disdain for rigid perception.