Mar 15, 2017

IO: Cursing a person or place with Motherkin possession is, by and large, a guaranteed method of committing serial murder by association. Those that come into contact with the afflicted target are unlikely to "escape", whether from the walls of the stricken abode, or from the grasp of the possessed. These possessions are amongst the fastest-working out of all of Hell, and similarly are quick to dissipate. As a result, Motherkin possession is often mistaken for sudden "bursts of insanity" or the execution of premeditated brutal crime.

The invoking of a Motherkin is amongst the most simple to accomplish of all summons, accounting for both the prevalence of the demon's work, and the familiarity of its legendarily vengeful attitude within grimmoires penned outside of Hell. The methods of summoning vary, but all contain the common deed of cannibalism. The act of eating a fellow member of one's own species is considered a means to "open oneself to evil" by the desecration of remains. Invokers can place a victim under spiritual possession of a Motherkin by having them take part in cannibalistic acts. Surreptitiously feeding the target such foods is the most common approach, but also the most prone to failure as the amount consumed must be equal to the target's weight, taken in at a single location, and be regular if not all at once. The "regularity" required is a detail under debate. The demon will begin to form a hold upon the victim approximately 3/4 into the required amount of feeding, and will impress increasing influence as intake continues. The slow creeping of Motherkin spiritual influence, paired with the obfuscated nature of the delivery of tainted food, often permits an "easy" possession with little resistance on behalf of the victim. As the demon's hold on the target increases, the victim's personality and mannerisms will shift, becoming increasingly aggressive. A fixation on food, in particular meat and the conversion to a largely meat-exclusive diet, will become quickly apparent. The victim will begin to pine for an "especially" succulent meat, which they will associate with the tainted food being served to them to encourage possession, regularly returning for the dish. Other foods will begin to taste bland or otherwise "inferior".

A person under possession of a Motherkin will come to the realisation that the flesh of their people is the source of their culinary desires. It is at this point that the original spirit of the victim, if not already completely smothered by the demon, may struggle for dominance. If the victim is weak-willed, the influence of the Motherkin will remain unchanged. If unchecked, the possessed will proceed to consider and target those around them as prey. Those afflicted will attempt to hunt, corner, murder, and prepare as food anyone within their reach. The dishes created will be fed to those around them, and these guests in turn will be made into further meals. The possession lasts until the demon is exorcised, or until all targeted prey within a set location, whether denoted by the location of the initial possessing or by other means, has been killed.

Cursing a victim with the spirit of a Motherkin often proceeds to a physical manifestation of the demon, whether a physical manifestation is desired or not. Manifestation of a Motherkin demon is a messy affair that always results in the death of the afflicted. The body of the victim may undergo any of a set of metamorphosis or spectacular aberrations before rupturing or otherwise stretching and peeling to reveal the demon. The manifesting of a Motherkin in this fashion is the result of a botched possession summon, and cannot be rectified. Targets hit with a botched summon will experience a sudden and irresistible desire to eat, and will consume well beyond their basic physiological ability to digest or contain, with the body expanding or lengthening beyond the grip of the skin, leading to eventual bodily rupture. Impossible lengths of tract will worm out from the cavity until the demon herself emmerges. In some cases, a second or third Motherkin may follow after her. Unless an especially skilled and prepared exorcist is present, the demon will remain manifested for up to an hour before returning to Hell of her own accord. If the location of the manifestation is closed off and no incentive to leave is provided to the demon, whether through curiosity or tracking of victims, she will remain in a single location for the duration of the manifestation.

Cursing a location with the influence of a Motherkin may result in a similar instance of spontaneous manifestation. Those caught within the afflicted building will consume without restraint, potentially turning on each other or those deigned to serve food, until finally giving way to serving as points of manifestation. Under normal cursing circumstances, a home cursed with a Motherkin will result in one of two outcomes; a building that physically devours its occupants, or the production of unstable gateways that permit the accidental melding of a Motherkin kitchen with the target location. Homes or rooms that devour occupants under the direction of a Motherkin curse act in a way similar to that of a house afflicted with creeping Caro Domus, with victims dying violently and suddenly. Unlike Caro Domus, a Motherkin affliction does not create bleeding walls or growth of organs within the building, and bodies consumed by the home do not slowly disappear via digestion. Instead, bodies become crammed or "stored" throughout the immediate room they had perished; shoved into cupboards, drainpipes, and spaces between tiles. In instances that a curse permits unstable gateways, entire rooms may shift suddenly to create new corridors from which a Motherkin may emerge, and attack the occupants. The unstable nature of these gateways permit the melding effect for only one room at a time, permitting inhabitants to escape both the demon and the portal if they leave the affected room. Turning back after escape will show the portal and the demon having vanished. Portal manifestation may not result in the demon emerging, but can permit victims to wander into the demon's kitchen, and be lost. Should an occupant step through the gateway into Hell, they will become stranded if they leave the Hell-side room the portal has manifested in. Some gateway manifestations will permit more than one portal to open, allowing as many demons to appear. Should multiple Motherkin enter the same room, there is a high likelihood that the demons will focus on each other rather than the victims caught between. This location-bound curse will last between two and three hours.

Exorcism of a Motherkin is a difficult affair. Due to the short span of time that a Motherkin affliction will last upon a physical location, the touted ideal course of action is to simply evacuate and "let it play itself out". Exorcism upon a person possessed by a Motherkin is a slew of suggestions with no true solutions. With the constant probability that the possessed will simply become a site of manifestation, many exorcists will opt to simply end the possessed's life. If able to capture the possessed, fasting the victim is considered the most effective method in expelling the demon, but exorcists must be prepared for considerable resistance and retaliation. Depending on the tenacity and umbrage of the demon, up to a week may be needed to cleanse the possession. During this time, if not kept under surveillance, the possessed may attempt to eat parts of their own body to satiate their hunger, or the demon will attempt to escape the victim's body. Roiling of the skin is common, and especially violent movement from the demon can result in organ displacement and damage to the skeleton. If the possessed is bound, attempts at striking priests and exorcists with projectile vomit and bile will be regular until the possession ends. If the victim was especially religious, the reading of scripture of their preferred faith can expedite the process of expulsion.

Methods of sending a manifested Motherkin back to Hell are limited, with the most effective method listed as simply allowing the demon to send herself back by encouraging "boredom". Evacuating an area and remaining quiet and hidden will encourage the demon to leave. Fighting a Motherkin is not recommended, as the demon is physiologically hardy and the commotion of combat can potentially attract greater numbers to follow after her from the manifestation site, prolonging and worsening the manifestation.

Motherkin as a rule do not barter. They take. The invocation of Motherkin is done with intent to destroy and dismantle rather than to deal. Those who summon these demons with intent to trade for Hell's goods will find themselves simultaneously disappointed and in dire threat of being reduced to feed. The most an invoker will receive from a Motherkin is their own life whilst everything or everyone else around them is taken away. Summoning enthusiasts are recommended against summoning or invoking the Motherkin more than once, as despite their immense population, the probability of summoning the same demon twice is exceptionally high. Motherkin brought from Hell as an affliction more than once are highly likely to recognise their invoker, and if they had spared their life prior, they are unlikely to do so a second time and will, with intent to destroy, pursue their summoner once manifested.

Escaping an angry Motherkin is a Herculean task, as the demons are tenacious and unforgiving. Even if an invoker is able to send the creature back to Hell and free themselves, the umbrage of a Motherkin is infinite, and she will hound the summoner from within Hell until either one or the other dies. The victim will experience regular night-terrors, and should they attempt any invocation, regardless of target, the demon will attempt to interrupt or "hijack" the audience to break through to exact revenge. Incantations as small as asking a lesser demon for minor blessings can serve as a means for the Motherkin to reach their former summoner.

The most effective means of preventing the summoning of the same Motherkin is to tap into a different point in Hell's time, essentially summoning from the "past" or "future". However, should one do this, the invoker has a chance of summoning a Golgotha Motherkin, who can neither be repelled or bartered with. Golgotha will ignore all incantations and target the invoker and their present co-summoners with intent to drag them into Hell. If a Golgotha is summoned, she has a high chance of being accompanied by a train of lesser Motherkin who will fan out to search for all conspirators of the invocation for capture. If the location is an open one, innocents may be taken to Hell as well if they are caught as witnesses.

Should a priest avoid summoning a Golgotha in their bid to wrangle a "future" Motherkin to perform their desired task, they may still attract the attention of the Golgotha by way of the demon manifested after her return to Hell. The sore temper of the Motherkin extends throughout their history, past and future, and those of a future Hell who become the target for incantation to do dirty work are likely to complain to their greater counterparts, who may take action against the invoker in question on their behalf.

[[CONCEPT: stealth / escape scenario, duration: approx. 3 hours. Player is witness to an interrupted invokation of a greater demon. A Golgotha and several lesser Motherkin [+ meat priests? Golgotha sub-sect?] emerge and slaughter the invokers. Player must escape the summoning location and leave the building to save their life. In the opening, mashing [x] will pry open a door while the Golgotha instructs the lesser demons to come after them. Once out of the starting room, the player must sneak and distract their way to the outside. Sounds produced by them, whether through running or the knocking over of objects, will attract the demons' attention. One weapon can be found [shotgun], but killing the demons is close to impossible. Lesser Motherkin can be taken down [direct 8+ shots], but the Golgotha can only be knocked over, permitting escape. The building is dark from loss of power [?] or no light switches are activated. Turning on lights will attract attention, but may be necessary to navigate some rooms. Lesser Motherkin move normally through rooms and hallways. Golgotha will also patrol, but will "spontaneously appear" if enough racket is made. Meat priests will phase through walls. Golgotha may do the same. Walls are destructible. The player must escape within a set time limit, as the prolonged presence of demons with a gateway open will corrupt the building by creating a dimensional cross-over. Meat will begin to form under drywall and break free. Areas visited after x-amount of time will show signs of contamination, eventually enough of it will prevent advancement in directions that lead towards older areas closer to the center of the event. For this reason, multiple escapes from rooms and floors will be possible as a necessity. Attracting the attention of a Motherkin may also help in this regard, by the demon tearing down a wall to get to the player. A player can hide from the Motherkin, but they may be discovered if they create any undue noise or the demon sees them taking cover. If less than 1/2 a room is between the player and the demon when they take cover during a chase, the demon will search all valid hiding locations in that room. The win condition is escaping the building via the main-floor foyer.]]