May 10, 2017

IO: Due to their immense size and ability to retain energy, some Angels act like mobile batteries for other, smaller Angels unable to retain high amounts of energy for long-term inactivity or long-distance travelling. These larger Angels often appear like statue-encrusted edifices, covered in their smaller brethren depending on them for energy. 


May 12, 2017

IO: Scrunts are a small, aggressive species of Motherkin that arise within the New Matriarchy. Scrunts are seen as "Mosa's answer to Mogura". Much like White Courtesans, Mogura's enduring progeny, Scrunts are ravenous, cannibalistic, and, presumably, eat to reproduce. A Scrunt is largely all-mouth, armed with sharp, tearing teeth and strong jaws. Animalistic in behaviour and intelligence, Scrunts are seen as a nuisance by other Motherkin, though a nuisance that can quickly become a sizeable threat. A single Scrunt can be easily taken care of with a stomp of a foot, but any number greater than two is seen as a forewarning to a much greater problem. A wave of Scrunts can easily devour a large-class Murder Chef within moments, leaving little behind.

Scrunts are allegedly a lesser class of Cretis Motherkin, a species that appears largely alien against its forbearing sisters. A large swarm of Scrunts will be accompanied by at least one Cretis.

Which Motherkin came first, Scrunts or Cretis, is unknown. Whether or not Cretis produce Scrunts or Scrunts produce Cretis as a foundation of the species' reproduction is similarly up for debate. Cretis have been seen giving birth to Scrunts via multiple orifices in their bodies, and similarly Scrunts have been observed producing Cretis by coming together to form a conglomerate womb. Some believe that Scrunts and Cretis are unrelated and share a mutually beneficial relationship as symbionts that support each other's propagation.

Scrunts and Cretis Motherkin are only observed within the inner territories of the Iron Kitchens surrounding Mosa. Dignitaries visiting from outside of Gluttony are advised to keep to "clean" hallways, as venturing too far off of set pathways will result in encountering Scrunts or Cretis, from which the visitor will be unlikely to escape.


May 29, 2017

IO: WARREN PEOPLE / FRUIT OF THE WARREN; those who cannot manage temptation are Damned to the Warren, a miserable corner of Hell with no known set location. The people of the Warren are able to "appear" in any Level, and similarly disappear at will. Like the Xeres and the Volfen, the Warren People, believed to call themselves the Swi, are an untapped force in modern Hell.

Swi are pig-like creatures; tall, bulky, and physically strong. They manage and harvest the Weak, Damned who cannot refuse temptation. The Warren's primary trap for the Damned is the Fruit of the Warrens, the developing children of the Swi, which grow from the Warren's dirt from organic tree-like structures. The fruit is golden-orange and carries the spirit of temptation within it. The eating of the fruit gives temporary relief from the Hell's torments - quieting the Voice of Hell and muffling the pain of Damnation; but the relief of the fruit is short-lived and comes at a considerable price. Those who partake of a single fruit will be compelled to consume more to sustain the relief, as the shrugging away of Hell's torments lasts for only a moment. With each fruit consumed the Damned's body will warp and stunt against its natural anatomy, further punctuating the Damned's agony as the fruit's effects fade. Damned feasting upon the fruits will quickly bloat and become a target for the Swi demons, who patrol the nursery trees constantly.

Damned who fall prey to the fruits' temptation and are caught are thrown into pens spaced about the Swi city, left to rummage for food and squabble amongst themselves as their figures continue to inflate. Treated as livestock, Swi prod, herd, and fatten the Damned until such a point they are roped and lead away. The fate of the Weak varies, thought to depend on the number the number of fruits consumed before being caught versus the Damned's constitution. Overall, once taken from their pen, every portion of the Damned is utilised in some way, slaughtered and processed either by hand or machine. Weak Damned return to the Warren's ground by erupting from the muddy earth the same way the Fruits of the Warren bloom. Damned emerge from the muck encased in a thin sack. Damned not directly harvested by Swi from another location manifest in the Swi city in this way only. Their manifestation grounds are limited thematically, restricted to areas of extreme filth - sewage pools, dumps, and waste piles left behind by larger entities. Damned emerge as boney, dark-coloured, animal-esque figures.

The Swi city is mechanically based, built upon shifting gears and rails. Houses and complexes will shift and shuffle smoothly from arrangement to arrangement throughout the day. The city's mobile system is built to accommodate the Wos, a colossal, lumbering entity that roots up Hell's mantle to eat the layers of coalesced fat underneath.

Damned who consume inordinate amounts of the Warren's fruit have a high chance of becoming hosts to the Swi demons whose fetuses were consumed by them. The demon produced will be an abomination - an amalgated Swi, known as a Sagog, composed of multiple bodies, upwards of 20. Sagog are wild creatures, unwelcome within the Swi city with individuals closing doors and shuttering windows if not moving their entire homes to deter them from attempting to enter their abodes. Sagog are ravenous and prey only on the Weak, tearing apart pens to trample and devour the Damned inside. Sagog that become a "problem" around the pens are hunted down and pulled apart by Swi. These amalgamations grow ever larger with each Damned they consume, with some individuals growing to yards in length. These Sagog are eventually herded by the Swi into the path of the Wos to be consumed.

The troughs left behind by the Wos are littered with dead and still-living Sagog, who pick at the tattered meat of the mantle to sustain themselves for lack of prey. Weak who fall into the troughs will be hunted mercilessly by the amalgamations.

Yad, resembling emaciated felines, act as Swi house companions, and will hunt and attack Damned who enter or attempt to enter Swi houses. Yad faces are occupied by hinged jaws that split and operate as insect-like mandibles. Their pinching and gripping power permit a Yad to easily grasp and burst the head of a captured Damned.

The interior of Swi houses are a juxtaposition of the city's external filth. A swi house is quite clean, bordering on immaculate, boasting amenities comparable to terrestrial lifestyle. However, whether or not a Swi house is "lived" in is up for debate. The furniture and overall interior construction of a Swi house is heavily warped and stretched, bordering on paradoxical. A Swi house is littered with doors, each of which will either produce a wall, a closet, or a gateway to a new location impossible to contain within the house itself [leading to outside, a new location in Hell, outside of Hell, etc].

A Weak can escape the Warren in one of two ways - the vents opened by the Wos rooting into the mantle, risking being caught by Sagog or crushed by the shifting meat of the mantle and squeezed out elsewhere, or attempting to find an exit via the doors of a Swi house, risking being caught by either a Yad or a Swi.