Dec 20, 2016

HELL 2525: Both Matilda and Stirba are Angel-killers, having a personal vendetta against the Rogues. Stirba lost her arms to the Rogues (and later the majority of her eyesight?), and Matilda lost her legs.

Matilda is a former (though sometimes still practicing) prostitute turned mercenary. A Rogue bought her services while under disguise, and attempted to murder her while atop a lit roof in one of Dis' dirtier districts.

Dec 21, 2016

HELL 2525: The myth of Ceredial stealing Lovacoan eyes and its pursuit by Soghor has been proven to be true. The body of Ceredial has been cut into pieces by Soghor, and those that have been recovered are held in reverence-like regard by the Rogues as a symbol of the abuse and fear levied against Hell's people that they wish to perpetuate. The rebel Angel Gabriel is held in especially high regard for his role in attempting to sway humankind away from free will to deny Hell equal purchase on the species' souls. He failed and was captured by Urz under the guise of the Snake in the Garden of Eden. The liberation of Gabriel from the prisons of Pride is a momentous goal for the militant sect.

The majority of Rogues enact their prejudice via mutilation and murder - the sundering of imperfect bodies as a statement of cleanliness over stains, that ugliness serves no purpose in the face of purity except to be expunged. Hell's people are regarded as lesser and therefor "worthless" to Rogues for their association to filth and sin. Whether or not a Rogue acts to specifically sow agony and terror amongst its victims depends entirely on its personality and reasons for joining the faction. For many, it is an impartial affair; pain is a byproduct of inefficient extermination, which is to be expected with hardy prey or inexperienced executioners. For a small number, it is an undesired result in a misunderstood act of pity or "liberation" from an imperfect existence. For others, agony and mutilation is a desired outcome, most commonly seen in those brought into the violent fold by way of personal vendetta or indoctrination of the proclaimed worthlessness of Heaven's counterpart. The use of violence in removing opponents stems from the stereotype that "violence is the only language Demons understand".


Apr 10, 2017

IO: After the rise of the New Matriarchy, Guttony retains its title as one of the most dangerous locations for an official or emigrant to enter, for visitors have a noted chance of not returning. The previous, known threats of Gluttony have been compounded since the death of Yomesh, by way of what destroyed Nis as a whole prior to the Level's closure to all outside entities and forces - Mardenta.

Mardenta and her viral children are what levels Nis and extinguished all that lived within it that were not of Motherkin heritage. This selective extinction was permitted only by innate immunity already developed by the modern strains of Chefs and Nigrim prior to the Epicurean War, which was a gift not shared by Yomesh's settlers. Mardenta's strain still thrives in Gluttony after the establishment of the New Matriarchy, having now spread over vast portions of the Level's wastelands. Mardenta's cowl thrives on the mantle and blood of Gluttony, tainting the Level's waters and almost anything that lives upon it. The rebuilt city of Gluttony enjoys an immunity allowed only by its population of modern Motherkin, on which Mardenta's children cannot take root. The same cannot be said for foreign visitors, who now face a danger very similar to parasitic neonatal Shape-Shifters lurking within the oasis of Pride.

Biohazard Motherkin, the children of Mardenta, enter the bodies of potential hosts as would an infection and erupt from the host some time later as fully formed warriors. Mardenta's spores and RNA strands pollute the air, water, and meat of Gluttony without apology.

With the resurgence of Mardenta, nearly pushed to extinction by her immune sisters, but accidentally "saved" by the ignorance of Yomesh, the fundamental system of resource management and Punishment changes. Damned trundling across Gluttony are swept up by Mardenta's children, if not absorbed by the Matriarch herself, who are further hunted down by the Motherkin of Nis, cut open, and the Damned dredged out. Punishers gather the Damned by way of cutting reams of Mardenta's carpet from the mantle and shooting down her floating progeny, squeezing and tearing from them the half-digested figures of the Damned. The flesh of Mardenta, her children, and the Damned are the cuisine of the New Matriarchy; delectable to the Motherkin, but dangerous to emmisaries and visitors. Improperly cured meat culled from Mardenta and her progeny can be an active vector for spores, which can lead to infection.

The New Matriarchy is ruled by the newly ascended Matriarch, Mosa. A being composed of two bodies, Mosa is the successor to Majorga, being bound together as a single entity via "an open mind". The upper skullcap and brains of Mosa's two bodies are missing, the two binding together by touching and entwining their exposed craniums, with one body rising to the ceiling, while the other rests on the floor. Mosa's uteri are inverted, creating a winding series of "feotal trees" that bear transluscent sacs.

**Mosa is the fused form of multiple (not just two) entities / offspring born from Majorga? Mardenta? Both? Necrofeotal remains of Mogura? Fused faces would point in multiple directions, still with top / bottom halves.

Apr 11, 2017

IO: Heaven is sterile, its people grown from minerals. Angels function by way of absorbing energy from almost any external source. Depending on the species, the type of wavelengths compatible can vary.

Most Angels are silicon-based [?]

For so long as there is energy to be absorbed, an Angel can survive or otherwise be active, though by how much is dependent on the strength of the energy source.

ORACLES / AURACLES are Angels that gain considerable energy from and further emit mechanical waves. The most common of these are the Ouroboros, ring-shaped abstract Angels.

PRISMS are Angels that gain considerable energy from the further emit electromagnetic radiation. The most common of these are the Pyramids and Hydrons, abstract Angels that develop in polyhedron formations.

Depending on its molecular construction and formation, Angels can theoretically be "indestructable" by conventional means, requiring extreme measures to destroy or otherwise defeat. Extreme kinetic force, rapid temperature fluctuation, and "overloading" are considered the most "effective" means to destroy an Angel.

All Angels possess a heat tolerance range, and the exceeding of either end of the spectrum will result in freezing or melting of the external structure, leading to structural and systematic failure of the entity's external and internal components. Depending on the species, the tolerance of an Angel's internal structures can differ from that of its external parts, which can result in "cooking / boiling / melting / freezing from within", or the exposure of the intact internal systems as the external layers shatter, peel, or evaporate away.

While many species can be accurately described physiologically as "machines", others manage to ape the appearance or "fluidity" of organics. These particular Angels are still composed entirely of minerals, but manipulate their outer layers as a moldable clay purely by way of maintaining extreme internal temperatures that near the external layer's melting point, making the "skin" pliable. It is for this reason that upon death, many Angels "turn to glass". These same species can also enter a protective or hibernative state in which the outer body "freezes" to preserve the interior during times of low wavelength absorption. This state can be maintained for extended periods of time, but the creature will eventually die of deprivation.

The cracking of the external shell is often enough to destroy some species of Angel, as the internal materials can oxidise in catastrophic ways, resulting in exposed inner layers turning to sand or immediately combusting.

For some other select species, envelopment in total darkness will destroy them.

The blood of most Angels is clear, with some sporting chemical blue, yellow, or orange. Red is uncommon. Some Angels will overall possess no "colour", instead possessing a general staggered transluscency / opaqueness to their bodies from layering of internal and external structures.