Apr 18, 2017 

IO: Several species of Hell's trees are parasitic organisms that feed off of graves or areas Hell's blood flows and pools close to the mantle's surface. 

Migrating forests / Mausopine: Some areas in Hell are populated by moving / "migrating" forests, "trees" that deroot and move to more suitable locations. The Mausopine is one such species, drawn specifically to locations sporting considerable numbers of the dead. Mausopines are drawn to graveyards numbering 500 or more, or sites of mass death with unburied dead. Most Mausopines will be carriers of Sokrot Ticks, a small, opportunistic but largely benign species that latches on and burrows into the bark of the Mausopine. Sokrots are pitcher-style hunters, attracting prey through the foul stink of rotting flesh, drawing carrion feeders up from the graves targeted by the Mausopine. Prey that falls into the tick's pitfall are quickly entombed and ingested. A single Mausopine may carry several ticks, possibly numbering into the 100s depending on the size of the tree itself. As the Sokrot tick ages, the larger it becomes as well as more competitive amongst its resident tick-mates. As ticks passively compete for feeding space, the smaller and weaker of the population will begin to die off, and if not dislodged, will infect the Mausopine with bacteria caused by the Sokrot's decomposition. 

Migrating forests / Despondent Wood: A species native / exclusive to Sloth, Despondent trees are born into and expire with death instinct. From the moment they sprout from Sloth's crust, they uproot and shift towards a large, ebony aquatic body notated on Sloth's maps only as "Wish". The trees migrate with determination in a "run" captured in incredible slowness, their roots whipping the earth in glacial motion to haul themselves towards Wish's waters. It is thought that Wish's intense winds, originating from the lake's shores via an unknown source, are what force the trees to a crawl, ripping apart those unable to withstand their force. The winds also serve as the species sole perpetuation, blowing their meager seeds to the wood's very edge, where further generations emerge and undertake their forbearer's grim pilgrimage. Trees that survive the savage winds ooze themselves into and under the lake's unmoving surface. The trees eventually drown, their husks never floating to the surface. The journey of a single Despondent tree can take over 1,000 Infernal years. The consummation of the seeds of these trees is believed to inspire a death wish in those foolish enough to partake in them. 


Apr 19, 2017 

IO: Beelzebub rules over Dis in the place of the Ten Faced Beast. He is constantly accompanied by a cohort of biting flies and Imps, produced by himself, and incestuously propagated amongst themselves. As a political figure, Beelzebub is keenly aware of the people's pining for the return of the Beast. 


April 25, 2017 

IO: Infliction is kept in The Ward during her 80-year penance. The Ward is the core of the Grand Bazaar in Envy, a series of cubicles in which the Damned navigate the isolation of their minds and experience harms inflicted by them upon others by proxy of their creations or practices. While in the Ward, Infliction is comatose, trapped inside her mindscape fleeing from an aberration of herself as her father while experiencing the devastation of her own weapons and practices under the direction of Urd, her father, and herself. Once she has paid duty to the Voice of Hell, she is released by Morziel and left to wander Hell as she sees fit. 

Infliction is later retrieved by Pigface and brought back to Lust. While the Dement'ed War is over, conflict still rages between Hell and the Rogues, and she is conscripted to produce weapons and systems to defend Hell's people against ever-increasing attempts at violent condemnation by their enemies. [These weapons are seen in Hell 2525] 

Multiple attempts at assassination are levied against Infliction during her remaining years in Hell, making her, in essence, a prisoner of her own home until her death. 

While operating as a defector supplying Hell with a means to combat her own weapons, Infliction undertakes personal purification by tearing out her characteristic piercings. By the time she faces penance in the Ward, her umbilicus and piercings of station as an Elite have been removed. Once the War is over, Pigface begins visiting Infliction in the Ward regularly, though he has no means to speak with or otherwise interact with her. 

Infliction's defection begins early in her 31st / 32nd year, feeding information to Pigface, whom she knows carries a similar hate for Zyphenstrygen as her own. She orchestrates an undermining of his effectiveness as an Elite as a form of catharsis or vicariously experience revenge of his abuses and lack of parental love and affection through an old rival. Her surreptitious betrayals become fully realised after the brutal murder of Neurosis, wherein Infliction aims unapologetically to destroy her father or best him in body count in a manner he could never hope to match, permanently placing herself above him. 

Infliction strikes a deal with Pigface, she will aid Hell's forces in excising Zyphenstrygen, providing counter measures to her own weapons, and exposing the weaknesses of the Pistonne in exchange for asylum in Hell and proper burial for Neurosis (the latter of which is situational, as she hauls her sister's body to the Fronts as a display of grief and faithfulness to her offer of patricide for Hell's benefit).


May 05, 2017 

IO: Greater Imps populate Dis' many districts, commonly employed as middle men and banker's assistants. Generally, wherever an Imp is employed, customer difficulties are likely to arise. Greater Imps are not known for empathy, conceptualising, or flexibility, a deficiency related to an entrenched internal clock and a brain wired for consistencies. Greater Imps learn very quickly and possess an impeccable memory, topped with acute spatial awareness. 

The Greater Imp's memory is of particular use to policy makers and librarians. An Imp of applicable Greatness can commit to memory several long-form documents which they will be able to recall and recite with pinpoint accuracy. This is especially useful in the courts where policy argument and sleight of hand can undermine social stabilities integral to a population spanning multiple light years in distance and inconceivable in population count. The use of Greater Imps in court arguments for the accurate portrayal of policies and laws is symptomatic of a convoluted system that has not properly evolved with Hell's shifting landscape, with laws and decrees being constantly amended as opposed to rewritten to better serve the Levels and their peoples. [?] 

The greatest support system for Hell's "old ways" is the Greater Imp Queen, Segis, a colossal, aged creature housed in one of Dis' greatest chapels of law. The Greater Imp Queen has locked within her memory all foundational and secondary policies and laws enacted during the time of the Ten Faced Beast, boasting a mental collection of over 10,000 documents. Segis' memory and the higher courts' reliance on it is often maligned by the common populace as perhaps the greatest roadblock social evolution that Hell's ruling class possesses. Segis' retention is often seen as a violation of the Beast's ideals for Hell's growth. 

Segis herself, while an invaluable library of information, is physically and mentally invalid, a state forced on her by the higher courts in a bid to maintain Hell's structure. Kept alive by instrusive means, Segis is thought to have "died" generations ago, but her mind has been sustained and preserved in her vegetative body as a means to similarly sustain and preserve the court. Segis is no longer aware of herself or her surroundings. When spoken to, she will not respond unless the query asks for a specific policy or law, to which she will respond by reciting the document monotonously until either finished, or directed to cease. As she speaks, her multiple eyes, most of which are barely functional if at all, will briefly emit a coloured light, a byproduct of her mind sifting through scores of information. 

Despite her condition, Segis is heavy with offspring, a successor that has been held in-utero for nearly as long as Segis has been a member (or rather a captive) of the court. Prevention of delivery is thought to be what primarily keeps Segis alive in her current state. Conversely, it is also believed that Segis herself still being alive is what is preventing her successor from being born. With no true answer for either speculation, means of preventing the offspring from being delivered are kept enacted to preserve the Greater Imp Queen from expiration. 

Segis is a target for assassination. Many have attempted to break into her chamber, or at least attempt to discover which edifice of law contains her, but to little success. Those caught are heavily prosecuted and generally not seen again. 

The birth of the new Greater Imp Queen is believed to be a herald of Hell's new age proper - a fulfillment of one of the Ten Faced Beast's many visions of the future of which it would not be able to take part in. The new Greater Imp Queen, mind blank of documents and law, would usher in a new age of reform for the people of Hell as it expanded with its shifting discs and heaving mantles. 

The Greater Imp Queen should not be confused with the Imp Queen, a lesser score of creatures as miserable as the lesser Imp cousins they spawn from and further spawn into existence.