May 08, 2017

IO: Goluch are a specialised species endemic to Greed. Goluch possess transparent skin and a series of cells capable of bioluminescence. Females are double the size of males, exemplifying highly aggressive behaviours. Females are hunters, while many males are scavengers.

Goluch reproduce by way of aerial spore-like cells, which males release into Greed's winds by way of branch-like appendages that emerge from the back, to be carried across the landscape. Females receive these spores via their own unique appendages, populated with fan-like filaments that sift the air. Goluch spores can remain viable for several years if not generations, permitting continuation of bloodlines even well after the progenitor has died.

Goluch are comparative newcomers to Jis, Greed's capital, attracted by the vast, weakened population as a source of food. While they are a communicative, intelligent people, Goluch are not "friendly" and generally look upon other demon folk as prey. Females in particular are untrustworthy, as their low regard for those around them is easily apparent. Males, conversely, are more likely to be trustworthy, as their much smaller size instills a need to make "allies" for survival. Goluch are, however, a source of "enforcing fair trade", as an unhappy female Goluch being strung along by a crusty merchant will simply eat the merchant out of impatience of being given a run around for goods. Hoping to retain their lives, many merchants will give a Goluch female an unspoken "discount" to get them to leave as quickly as possible. Other buyers, strained for coin under Ellis, will prey on these discounts, immediately jumping in on the merchant's offer the moment the Goluch leaves, keeping the new rate live until enough dead air permits the merchant to re-hike their wares under their customer's noses.

In being so large, female Goluch generally eat victims alive, by simply swallowing them. Anything 3/4 to half the size of a Goluch, male or female, will be swallowed in this way, with victims left to a neurotoxic demise or death by constriction and suffocation by the demon's internal muscles. The Goluch's jaws possess admirable spring-loaded power, thrusting forwards to expose long, curved fangs on both the top and bottom jaw, paired with venom glands carrying a potent neurotoxin. The muscle of the stomach presses against and constricts swallowed prey, suffocating and crushing it. Thanks to their semi-transparency, other demons can watch the Goluch's victims slowly die, which can be a delight for those with a vendetta.

Female Goluch carry four young at a time in transparent pockets in the skin that dangle from the abdomen. Goluch are mammalian and nurse their offspring from within the pockets via an internal teat. Once ready to be born, the infant Goluch are pushed from the pocket encased in a thin protective sac that they then tear and consume as their first meal.

Goluch flesh is transparent for lack of melanin and lack of iron in internal tissues. [It is a Goluch male that raises an orphaned Xeres as his daughter in "Adventures of Single Dad-dom"]

Goluch are extremely devout parents, but despite this, infant mortality is a rounded 30% for the species. Skreg, an aerial predator of greed's wilderness, preys on infant Goluch for their rich proteins and lack of neurotoxin development, which does not begin until their fourth year.

The species possesses six limbs; four for locomotion and two for dexterity. The Goluch is equal parts bi- and quadrupedal. Goluch fight via heavy blows from their limbs, and vicious bites. Bites can be loaded or dry of neurotoxin.

Mammon is so immense that, if he so desired, he could storm Jis and the Bronze Cathedral as a lone force and succeed. Although the Crown of Brass rightly belongs to him, he will not take this route, as it is against his character. Similarly, he knows that despite her incompetence, Ellis still has the ears of whomever gifted her the Crown against him, and still has control of Jis itself. He intends to bide his time, and permit the weight of Greed to crush her and the rabble she's gathered for support. He deems it fitting.

Mammon is also aware that there are still many who believe that Ellis' coronation was the will of the Beast, and would retaliate heavily to his uprising against her. If he is to overthrow her he must be able to show to Greed at large that he is worthy of the Crown of Brass.

By the time he knocks open Jis' gates, Ellis is a raving animal of a madwoman, utterly consumed by the Greed that bade her to steal the Crown of Brass. As he arrives at the Bronze Cathedral, she spits and curses at him, a howling shade of her former self, with the Crown already lost from her grip. In response to her ravings, Mammon simply smears her body across the Cathedral's steps with a slow, uncaring motion of his trunk.

Ellis' encroachment of madness during the tenure of her rule in Greed doesn't go entirely unnoticed. Those still kept within the Level's Court observe her deterioration, but keep their commentary and actions to themselves. Those who suggest that there may be a "problem" are "dealt with" by Ellis. Similarly, those who attempt to take advantage of her failing faculties are quickly caught, and made an example of.