May 30, 2017

IO: While largely unknown amongst cultists and demonologists in comparison to other demonic summons and manifestations, Sagog can and have been brought forth from Hell to terrorise the living. Sagog are a taxing and difficult summon. High emotional investment is required to displace them from Hell's grip, as the demon is conceived by lack of restraint and born in anger.

Summoning a Sagog requires the anguish of children. As a result, the creature is seen as a tool for revenge, utilised by a despairing parent or community against an attacker of their child or children.

May 31, 2017

IO: 10 TEMPTATIONS: Artifacts that embody, create, and enact desire.
Wheel of Fortune / Rota Fortunae: Permits alteration of one's fate [controlled by the Xeres, Greed]
Coin of Contetment / Apatheia Pecunia: Creates contentment [held by the Swi, Nowhere]
Stone Egg / Ovum Homine: Enables creation by imparting knowledge [???]
Fruit of Yggdrasil: Provides descendants [Limbo]
Tower of Fate / Turrim Futurae: Permits gazing into the future [???]
King's Glaive / Regem Digitus: Permits the smiting of one's enemies [???]
Treasurer's Key / Osseus Clavem: Provides entry to all places [???]
Queen's Goblet / Patera Cupido: Satiates all thirsts [???]
Silver Conch / Concha Argentum: Reveals the voice of God [???]
Speculo Vitae: Permits one to become a God [???]

NOWHERE: A simultaneous curse and location in Hell. To say something or someone is Nowhere is to condemn them to obscurity, or to proclaim a curse on the object or individual in question to either having disappeared or to be at risk of disappearing by way of social rejection and irrelevance, to be ignored until the subject "disappears". It should be noted that in this specific cultural and social context, to "disappear" is the equivalent of being "spirited away". The significance of being spirited away in the midst of being ignored or rejected by one's company is that the victim will not be missed, in other words an easy target for "what lives Nowhere".

Nowhere is a defacto location in Hell, being one of several "shifting" pockets that migrate within Hell's meat, believed to exist under such immense physical pressure as to be invisible - forced to occupy the electromagnetic spaces between its atoms. The most prominent occupants of Nowhere are the Swi, considered a form of boogeymen in many of Hell's cultural pockets. Swi abduct other demons, allegedly to be made into industrial grease with which to oil the machines of their city. Those who are ostracised or ignored are their prime targets. The same superstition feeds into some Demon folk possessing a fear of closed closet doors, being familiar with the Swi's method of travel via closed doorways in Hell connecting by an unknown force to similarly closed doors in the Warren, the Swi city. Such a fear fuels inordinate investment in deadlocks, door removal, and, in cases of hysteria, large-scale door-burnings in an effort to remove the presence of Swi from a neighbourhood.

The significance of "Nowhere" as a cultural and Infernal phenomenon translates to Infernal folk never using the term "nowhere" casually. When describing something as being missing or not knowing where something or someone is, Demon folk will say the someone or something is "not anywhere" or that they "don't know the where", using "where" as a noun. Alternatively "nohere" will be used. The casual use of "nowhere" by visitors to Infernal space is responded to by suspicion and ostracism.