Jul 11, 2017

HELL 2525: Personal vendetta drives both Stirba and Matilda. Stirba has lost her son to a Rogue, who killed him as an "act of mercy in living an existence of filth" [a reflection of how she lost her son in the primary narrative as Queen Stirba]. Matilda was separated from her parents and later lost her legs to a Rogue, who assaulted and left her to die [a reflection of how she lost her parents in the primary narrative as Matilda the Great].

Jul 12, 2017

IO: Matilda the Great condemns the Court of Charity to dissolution through discovery that the Court abducted and killed her mother, Magdel, in attempts to gain knowledge and power over the Wheel of Fortune. Matilda is raised by her father and grandmother as a result of her mother's absence.

Matilda discovers the remainder of her mother's skeleton in the possession of the Court of Charity, recognising it via a physical defect in the skull Magdel gained through the loss of an eye in combat. Magdel's skeleton possesses a thin gold plating, gained naturally through the absurd metal consumption that is the Xeres diet, and via a genetic leftover from the species origin as the Golden Legion.

Matilda's condemnation of the Court of Charity comes hot on the heels of the Court's attempts at negotiation for the Wheel at the end of Ellis' term as Lord of Greed. Matilda is invited to the Court's chapel as a representative of Aurum Saccularius, with the Court's argument revolving around Ellis' dethronement and its implication that the Xeres will no longer need to hide. If able to live freely, surely the Xeres have no need of the Wheel. Matilda hears their request only out of good will gained by way of Mammon, who asks that Aurum at least speak to them to get them off of Greed's doorstep, having escalated their demands to the seat of the Fly with accusations of theft, finally revealing to limited higher Courts that the Wheel has not been present in Heaven for several millennia.

As a guest to the Court of Charity, Matilda the Great has no intention of giving or "sharing" the Wheel with the Court. She regards them with contempt, knowing full well the many times the Court has sent "envoys" to the Shard of Babylon to steal the Wheel. The Golden Legion still retains its spirit as the Xeres, and like Aurum she sees the Greed that continues to taint the Court of Charity. During a recess, Matilda explores the chapel, and finds hidden in a closet Magdel's polished skull. Enraged, she accosts the Court of Charity, damning its hollow values and escalating the table to a trial to which Aurum himself attends. During the trial, a minor follower of the Court of Charity tells Matilda how her mother died.

The stakes of the trial are for the Xeres the relinquishment of the Wheel of Fortune to the Court of Charity, the imprisonment and persecution of Aurum Saccularius and the descendants of the Golden Legon, and for the Court of Charity the persecution and dissolution of the Court of Charity's members and their descendants. The Court of Charity is found to be in contempt of the laws of Heaven and guilty of trespass and extortion, culminating in the dissolving of the Court and persecution of its members and former member's descendants. Aurum is found guilty of theft for masterminding the disappearance of the Wheel of Fortune and smuggling it illegally into Hell.

Jul 13, 2017

IO: NECMOZ: Necmoz is a location in Nowhere characterised by plains of metal and aberant technology. Necmoz possesses no recognisable constructed layout. Its landscape is entirely manufactured, but by what and for whom is unknown. Signs of design with intent for habitation is evident on a superficial level, but all edifices are unoccupied or possess internal design that is incompatible with basic living. Rooms may possess the frames and outlines of doors, but no actual working door. Walls may be punctured with pits sporting staircases or ramps leading into walls. Furnace-like objects may pose as windows, leaking fire across the roof, with smoke pooling on the floor. Entire rooms may be populated by sparking pyramidal objects, a recurring constructed object throughout all of Necmoz.

Necmoz's surface is flat and metal grilled. Any deviation from this standard is manufactured. Constructions never reach any further than 1,000 feet above "flat" level. Some edifices that reach this maximum height possess topmost floors that appear sheered or melted, polished to a perfect level grade. While the upper surface of Necmoz does not exceed 1,000 feet, construction extends below ground to such an extent as to be assumed potentially incalculable. While buildings appearing "above flat" possess a rounded propability of 73% of being conceivably "right side up" internally, rooms of constructions built "below flat" have a mere 12% chance of sharing this trait whether aligned with "flat" or inversed.

Spined, pyramidal constructions and objects are a recurring element in Necmoz, built to varying scales out of a variety of metal materials. All pyramids possess spined or serrated edges, and will either permanently or regularly be energised. The purpose of the pyramids, whether energised or cold, is unknown. Some pyramids are built naturally into the landscape, while others seem to be invasive, situated amongst materials that appear shorn or torn up as if by a great force. Energised pyramids will spark and hum continuously, and if in close enough proximity of another sparking pyramid, will produce pale blue arcing electricity. Energised pyramids with no nearby similarly energised constructions or otherwise conductive materials will arc and spark amongst their own spines. Whether or not a pyramid seems to have been purposely built or appears to be an invasive entity has no relation to whether or not it will arc amongst other energised pyramids.

Necmoz's skies are permanently turbulent, with clouds swirling as if being stirred in water. Lighting arcing within the storms regularly light up the landscape, but no bolts will strike the earth.

Any airspace below 1,000 feet above "flat" will be occupied by spined hydrons. These autonomous shapes will trundle through Necmoz's buildings above and below "flat" constantly but will follow no known patrol pattern or schedule. Hydrons are occasionally energised and will carry a spark between themselves and any immediate conductive surfaces. No hydron will sport any fewer than four sides and will never take on a pyramidal shape. Whether or not hydrons possess sentience or even basic intelligence is unknown.

Airspace below "flat" will be tinged with electricity. The deeper one goes, the thicker the charge, eventually tinting the air a pale blue and showing visible activity with arcing.

Necmoz is populated by active machinations both visible and unobservable. Metal groaning and hissing of steam can be heard throughout its landscape. Active machines can be seen throughout, performing duties that do not seem to serve any comprehensible end. Isolated pumps will slam against the ground, clusters of gears will turn with no observable connecting mechanism, and furnaces will occasionally blaze to engulf whatever is nearby with no source of ignition.

Necmoz is believed to be constantly shifting or to be potentially as vast as Hell itself. Unlike the Warren, Necmoz is recognised as a true location in Hell, through this recognition is extremely limited and proclaiming its existence is considered an admission of insanity. This is seen as apt as Necmoz's first description was accomplished by a Mathematician who, in the process of attempting to open a gateway to and see for himself the expanses of Nowhere, became a raving lunatic who managed to cut himself into eleven equally weighted pieces. Each portion of his body showcased repeated but precise stab wounds believed to have been made by a conical weapon.

Other Mathematicians and enthusiasts of Spaces Between Spaces have observed Necmoz, but even with exact coordinates repeated or shared between individuals, no explorer has broken into the same location twice, and no location has been observed more than once amongst multiple individuals.

Jul 18, 2017

IO: CHARDIS: A dangerous roaming entity in Nowhere, Chardis is less a location so much as a moving disaster. A manufactured disc crafted by unknown hands, Chardis is a colossal platform populated by graters, grinders, mulchers, and blades designed for shredding its environ. The metal disc exists in the midst of Hell's meat, but the exact location is unknown, believed to be constantly shifting in and out of the thinnest of layers of Hell's existence. Chardis spins, grinds, and tears its way through its surroundings, burning what it extracts as fuel to further power and propel itself forward. Spent char and ash are excreted from behind, swiftly swallowed by the gore of the burrow.

The purpose of Chardis is unknown, with theories abound on its origins. It is believed to be potentially two entities, living in a situational but mutually abusive symbiosis in an arguable war of attrition. A biological component to the machine squeezes out from its walls, observed only from within. The alien entity consumes what it can of Chardis and its haul of gore, while Chardis cuts away and gathers its flesh and excreta to burn and power its movement and repairs.

Chardis is recognised as a supernatural entity or phenomenon within common Hell, characterised by a distinct, insistent sawing or grinding noise in the ear and feelings of intense unease, perceptible only by the afflicted. The affliction is termed aptly Hum of Chardis, and is known to have a 100% rate of fatality. Those struck by the hum are often misdiagnosed with tinnitus, which is not corrected until the hum's later stages, wherein the constant internal noise rises to such a level that the victim is barely able to hear above the constant grinding. Accompanying the advancing racket is a creeping feeling of danger, with the afflicted becoming increasingly paranoid as the volume of the hum slowly rises. Late-stage sufferers experience insomnia, unable to sleep amongst the clamour, and will develop a tremor that manifests as a constant shiver. In the affliction's final stage, the tremor will develop into full-bodied spasms and seizures of such violence that victims experience fractures and breakages, muscuskeletal tearing, sudden bleeding from multiple orifices, and finally death. Those who perish by the hum of Chardis show upon autopsy mulched and liquefied viscera.

Gametes of Motherkin are isogamic, with gametes sharing the same size and construction across classes in a species. Across species, varying degrees of gamete monomorphy exists. As most Motherkin species are compatible and can interbreed on a genetic level, physical class as well as gamete and genital morphology serves as a hurdle to absolute inter-species compatibility. The only Motherkin species known to be able to supersede all genetic and morphological barriers is the Biohazard Motherkin strain birthed by Mardenta, who upon touch or consummation can absorb genetic information and produce genetically varied and viable offspring.

Propagation of the many Motherkin species is often likened to the spread of a fungus or infection. Young gestate and grow quickly and almost any adult member of any species can interbreed with another, making external population control excessively difficult and extinction a pipe dream.

Motherkin gametes can range in size from microscopic to macroscopic, and from fully reliant on the parent or host body to free moving and independent.

Jul 20, 2017

HELL 2525: Despite the species evolving away from super-species status and with it away from hyper-parasitism, the Volfen Worm Cult is alive and well in post-war Hell. Worm cults are spaced erratically about Dis with cult leaders and members forming gangs and viewing other worm cult establishments and their members as heretics. The worm cults enact territorial warfare with intent to convert, expunge, and humiliate.

No-Face Yukem is the current cult leader residing under the streets of Neon-Roller, a lavish pocket of outer Dis. Yukem is an albinistic Volfen who is without his entire top jaw. How he lost such a large portion of his face he keeps to himself. He wears a silver mask to hide the brunt of his deformity from view. As the destruction of his upper muzzle has greatly affected his ability to speak, Yukem employs a voice generator to give his speeches. He otherwise utilises grunts and gesturing to express himself.