Jul 06, 2017

HELL 2525: Bleaching is a form of organic contamination amongst Demons. A demon can become bleached by being assailed by malignant angelic light, which results in a drastic lightening of the skin, discolouration of deeper tissues, and in some cases, permanent blindness, or recurring waves of nausea. "Malignant light" is a wave of electromagnetic energy, generally released upon an angel's death. Spectacular destruction is what creates malignant light, though the conditions for "spectacular destruction" of an angel varies by species and circumstance. In the right circumstance, an angel can self-destruct to release malignant light.

Absorption of enough malignant light as a form of radiation can kill a demon, but this depends on the species of the dying angel, and the assailed demon. Matilda, upon finally killing Solphestriel, is engulfed by a wave of malignant light, which bleaches her body and leaves her with temporary nausea and permanent light sensitivity.

Maltilda and Stirba's team-up as mercenaries isn't completely random, the two know each other prior to Maltilda's encounter with Sophestriel.

Matilda's engagement in prostitution is both to earn wage and to fill a personal void of close contact. She doesn't feel anything towards her clients beyond basic obligation to fulfill a temporary contract of service, her goal is physical gratification and payment. Her first meeting with Stirba is during a session with a customer who is on Stirba's hit-list. Stirba's interruption is met with derision by Matilda, who tells her flippantly to "come back in 20." An argument ensues and the client, flustered and panicked, draws a weapon and attempts to take Matilda hostage against Stirba, who bites that she has no qualms with "running through a street bint" to get to him. Enraged, Matilda proclaims that she is no-one's meat shield, grabs the male demon, and strikes Stirba with him bodily, startling and knocking her over. The male demon curses at Matilda, who begins to strangle him. He attempts to bargain for his life, saying he can't pay her if he's dead. Matilda replies that she already knows where he keeps his money, and breaks his neck.

Their second encounter is during one of Stirba's hunts for a Rogue, with the angel being de-winged to crash to DIs' streets, a stone's throw from Matilda's proposition corner. The entity attempts to escape, attacking what demons it can as it flees from Stirba, who descends upon it at speed. The sheer size of the angel prevents a quick kill, proving problematic as it wrecks havoc on the public. Stirba severs the angel's legs, immobilising it but not nullifying its ability to retaliate. It strikes at her with tendrils of light, catching her. Seeing the battle from her corner, Matilda wrenches a street sign from the concrete and takes a running leap at the angel, driving the sign into its neck, killing it. Stirba, freed, comments in good humour that this is the second time Matilda has "stolen" a kill from her, recognising her from their previous encounter. She offers to buy her a drink, which Matilda accepts. The two chat over bar food and become acquaintances.