Hybrid Adoptables

These commissions are custom hybrid animal adoptable designs, made to order! All designs come with labelled skeletal and musculature studies.

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Rates, limitations, do’s & dont’s, etc.

Rates for hybrid adoptables are a flat $100 USD; adoptables are done in colour and come with labelled skeletal and musculature studies. These designs are more affordable than other custom designs, but do not permit for any edits or client guidance beyond the choice of real-world animals /animal families to be hybridised. Style will be limited to my natural working style and no special modifiers or fantastical animals as prompts will be accepted.

Animals chosen for hybridisation can be specific to a species (domestic dog) or breed (poodle), or left vague as a family name (canidae).

Please note: Skeletons may be simplified! Vertebral columns and rib cages may not have individual pieces rendered beyond general strokes to denote vertebral or rib separation.

Ownership? A custom design made for you is yours to keep! Bear in mind that the design will belong to you, but the art produced from this commission order will not. Produced image(s) will still belong to me as rights holder. You may use the produced image(s) to create icons and banner for personal use, but may not use the produced image(s) for any commercial gain.

Can I change a design myself later? Absolutely!