I Find Hell Fascinating

Much to the dismay of my parents, I have always had a liking for the horrific. It may or may not have something to do with seeing Alien 3 when I was 8, or finding the Swedish Chef of the Muppet Show to be utterly terrifying. Regardless, exposure to these miraculous things as a mere booger on the underside of life's desk left a lasting impression, leading to the creation of several story-driven projects with one thing in common - lots of focus on an equivalent to Christian Hell full of horrible creatures. These eventually spawned a personal project that did away with the formalities of a "mortal world" and dealt with Hell proper, called The Infernal Opera.

A long-standing, arguably flagship project originating in 2005, the Infernal Opera is a personal interpretation of a fictional Hell, incorporating equal parts narrative and encyclopaedic art and writing, being heavily inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy as well as other works of diabolical fiction and nonfiction. The project is sprawling in its scope, having changed many times. While not a statement of personal beliefs, the project is molded by personal experience and contains ideas inspired by social and practical sciences, quantum theory, world theology, culture, and real-world ecology.

Below is a temporary gallery of a selection of works created for this project, divided by date and minus walls of text, to be revamped and given context and background at a later date.

Please note: Visitors are recommended to exercise caution while browsing this section of the site, as some art works and text blocks are sexual, violent, or otherwise not-safe-for-work in nature.

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