Interpretive Anatomy

These commissions are full-body, generally in-profile sketch studies of a subject’s anatomy. These studies can be coloured or colour-coded.

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Rates & limitations

These commissions are based on my personal depth of knowledge regarding surface musculature of people and vertebrate animals. While I am confident in my current depth of understanding, I am not an expert (re: I am not a biologist or kinesiologist); please bear this in mind when ordering! These studies are most often done in-profile to best show off the anatomy of the creature, but by no means are options limited to this view!

While these commissions are sketches, they are time-intensive. Creature complexity and view-count will affect the final rate. Base and example rates are below:

Base rate: single-view tetrapod (4 limbs), no colour: $75 USD

Extras (estimates):

  • Surface Colour: +$30 USD per view minimum

  • Colour Coding: +$15 USD

  • Labeling: +$15 USD

  • Extra limbs: variable

  • Extra views: +$30 - 50 USD per view minimum

Clients will be given a quote for complex creatures and / or sheets before an invoice is issued.

Clients will have an option of their preferred file format, either .PSD or .PNG. A .PSD file will have all details kept to their own layer. Orders delivered in .PNG format will have four images - surface line work with a grey fill or flat colour, isolated lines, bones, and bones with musculature layered over top.