A passion project started in 2008, this informal bestiary is a collection of ideas surrounding the vague canon of the main series of Pokemon games, serving as a visual design and writing exercise. This project was kickstarted out of a love for the series spawned with Pokemon Red Version and a beat-up Game Boy with leaky batteries back in 1996. Fascination with the Pokemon world as a booger with coloured pencils grew to a genuine interest of the "what if they were plausible" side of conceptual design as a maturing artist. Indulging in the "what if" of Pokemon has allowed for some fun ideas for attempts to "justify" / "explain away" how the world and creatures in it could work while still remaining fantastical in spirit.

The entries below cater to a personal interpretation set in a version of the Pokemon world where the titular creatures are man-made creations of biological engineering built from human DNA, created as replacements for dying or extinct native flora and fauna, and sold as ever-obedient (usually) companions. In this setting, the companion and battle culture of Pokemon is leveraged and sold to the public by Silph Co., the designer and supplier of the original "pocket monster" and its accessories under many names, facades, and shell companies. League battling and Pokemon breeding, sanctioned by Silph Co., is a regulated, choreographed, and heavily commercialised enterprise that contributes to the rise of Pokemon pit fighting, a symptom of social inequalities created by the company's ever-expanding monopoly and encouragement of a culture of excess.

All entries are sorted by Primary Type and further by their international Pokedex number.