Sketch Sheets

These commissions are quick, loose digital sketches done in sketch-sheet style. Styles are flexible but generally tend to realism.

How you would like to be addressed!
Your email / preferred contact address so I can confirm your order!
Where I can send your invoice once your order has been confirmed!
Please let me know the preferred pose, action, clothing set, pattern, form, etc. for your commission!
If there is anything else you'd like me to know about your order, or have any questions to ask, this is the place to let me know!

Rates, limitations, do’s & dont’s, etc.

These commissions range in rate depending on how many figures are requested for a sheet. Sheet rates are based on a simple formula of $10 USD per figure plus $10 USD. EX: A five-figure sketch sheet is $60 USD. A ten-figure sheet is $110 USD.

Fan art, gore*, and body horror** are A-OK! I’m a big fan of horror and a lot of IPs; I’ll be happy to draw you geeky stuff!

Please do not give “just do your thing” / “just draw them however” as prompts! This sort of prompt will be rejected. While such customer confidence is immensely appreciated, it places undo stress on myself as the artist. You know your characters best! Please give me some guidance on what you’d like to see. Giving me options for poses or actions is A-OK.

* Gore limitations: when sending your references, if you send photos of actual gore or violence for artistic reference (ex: roadkill), please do me a solid and place a warning by your link.

** Body Horror limitations: I love body horror! However, it can be very time-intensive if a request is complex! If you’re looking for something entirely centered around body horror, this will be considered a Special Order, and may incur a special rate for time spent.